MANY FORKS FARM Second Annual STOCK UP SALE! Pre-order October 23 – 29. Pick up at the farm, Saturday, October 30, 12PM – 2PM or Sunday, October 31, 12PM – 2PM.  CASH, CHECKS, & SNAP/HIP accepted for payment at pick-up. ORDER FORM HERE.

Sign up for CSA FARM SHARES for the 2022 SEASON will open up early in December. Please email us to be placed on a wait list and to receive future updates:

MANY FORKS FARM, Clarksburg, Massachusetts, is a small, diversified vegetable farm growing 75 different vegetables, herbs, flowers and berries for our local community. In our beautiful setting along the North Branch of the Hoosic River, our  healthful, fresh, and varied produce typically travels less than 10 miles from the farm. With our commitment to providing fresh foods to our immediate community, we connect you to the land where your food is grown. We engage in a continuous process of building the soil and biodiversity of the farm with the purpose of improving the health of the land, the environment, and all who eat our farm’s produce.

Hand-tended care. No GMOS, or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Sustainable, environmentally-considered methods. Growing soil life along with life-building food. A community-centered vision. We will be in our 10th season in 2021.  We’d love to grow food for you!