CSA at Many Forks

The CSA at MANY FORKS FARM runs for 20 weeks  –  mid-June through  October. Shares are distributed at the farm weekly on Wednesdays 3:00PM – 7:00PM.  A farm share for the 2023 season is $650.00. 


A household signing up for a CSA farm share receives produce each week generally suited to 2 adults who have a vegetable-centered diet. But eating habits vary widely – go to  What is in a share to see what to expect or view this short video.  If you are new to CSA, you may want to take a look at Why join a CSA?

The farm does not offer split shares between multiple households. We offer a limited number of partial shares with an every-other-week pick up schedule especially suitable for single-member households.  These are filled for the 2023 season.

MANY FORKS FARM works with several community organizations and programs to be sure that cost is not a barrier and that anyone who wants to participate in the CSA @ MANY FORKS FARM can do so! Reduced-price shares are available in collaboration with Hoosac Harvest and Berkshire Grown/Share the Bounty. We can accept monthly SNAP payments for your reduced-price share. Additionally, MANY FORKS FARM is a certified HIP vendor and the program’s reimbursement benefit for fresh vegetables applies.

Produce is selected from what is available that week.  The CSA at MANY FORKS FARM is truly a seasonal CSA.Your share will be smaller in the first weeks with lots of early spring greens. As the heat of season develops, so does the share!  Heat-loving crops such summer squash, tomatoes, beans, peppers, cukes and other longer season vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, garlic, come along in July and August. Then, the share shifts with the shift in the season to include more storage crops such as potatoes, onions, winter squash, and more. Our U-PICK offers additional crops in season – such as cherry tomatoes, peas and late summer/early fall raspberries. GATHER herbs and flowers from the CSA members’ cutting garden. SEE growing crops growing first hand, TALK to the farmers, WALK the farm trail, ENJOY the beauty of the farm. BAKED GOODS from the farm kitchen are available for optional purchase and also by pre-order each week.

CSA farm members may come to the farm on other weekdays to pick flowers & herbs in the cutting gardens, have a picnic, walk, show a friend around the farm. Each adult in a participating household is requested to volunteer for a two-hour session at some point during the season — help at distribution, do a bit of weeding, lend a hand raking our cut hay, or perhaps you have a special skill or talent that would be helpful to the farm – just let us know!

GET IN TOUCH: manyforksfarm@pobox.com or call 413-281-1814


Read about our REDUCED-PRICE SHARES and SNAP/HIP monthly payments.